Special Forces Love the Suburban

Military vehicles

There’s no better fighting force in the entire world than the United States Special Forces. When it comes to training, discipline, equipment, and capability, they far outstrip any competitor from any country. No mission is too difficult for them, no challenge too insurmountable. The United States Special Forces are the best, and, for that reason, they only use the best.

When they need a vehicle to take out into the field, they make sure to pick one that works just as hard as they do. They need a vehicle that can stand up to the rigors of combat and still help them make sure they complete their mission. One that won’t quit on them when the going gets tough and lives are on the line. When they need a vehicle like this, the United States Special Forces looks to Chevrolet cars.

Military SUVs

Chevy’s full-size SUVs, the Tahoe and the Suburban, are both extremely popular with military units and civilian law enforcement agencies, which is a testament to the ruggedness and capability of each vehicle. Special forces operators love them because they’re roomy, with plenty of space for the soldiers, their armament, and other gear, and because they’re reliable and easy to service and work on, thanks to GM’s supply network of parts.

The Chevy Suburban is the original SUV. It was first introduced in 1935 and is the oldest continuously produced nameplate in the vehicle industry. You don’t need to be a special forces operator to enjoy the military styling and power of the Chevy Suburban, either.

Military Looks

The 2017 Chevy Suburban is available in a special black-on-black Midnight Edition. The Midnight Edition is available in two trims—the sporty Z71, and the luxurious LT. The Z71 includes an off-road package, with tuned Z71 specific suspension, skid plates, 18-inch blackwall all-terrain tires, fog lamps, hill descent control, recovery hooks, and, of course, aggressive black styling, including a black Chevy bowtie.

The Midnight LT features 20-inch all-terrain blackwall tires, with integrated black roof cross rails, and black Chevy bowties in the front and rear. Military styling doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, however.

Interior Luxury

Special forces

A handful of practical and luxury upgrades make the 2017 Chevy Suburban a pleasure to drive, even if it looks like you drove it straight from a combat zone. With the Luxury package, you’ll be getting great features like wireless charging, keyless entry, a hands-free liftgate, nine months of satellite radio, and electronic safety features like Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert.

The roominess that the special forces prizes can, of course, carry more than rifles and body armor. You’ll have ample seating for your entire family and all your friends, with more than enough room to carry all your cargo.

For more information about the 2017 Chevy Suburban, including pricing, availability, options, and trims, don’t hesitate to contact Community Chevy. Our trusted dealership and friendly staff will be pleased to help you with any needs. We’re well-positioned and able to handle all Spencer Chevrolet needs.