J.D. Power and Associates’ Most Awarded Brand of 2016: Chevrolet

Since the auto crisis several years ago, when major U.S. auto manufacturers were struggling to compete with foreign firms, Chevrolet has bounced back to become the top-awarded J.D. Power and Associates brand of 2016! This is an amazing feat for Chevrolet, considering the number of competitors the car company faces in each model category, as well as ensuring new vehicle owners and leasers are truly satisfied with the vehicle they choose at their local Chevy dealer, like Valley Chevy in Spencer.

Spencer Chevrolet

J.D. Power and Associates’ Awards are often used by new car buyers and shoppers to compare the quality, dependability, reliability, and performance of different vehicles in various classes. They are also used to help gauge the design of the vehicle compared to other comparable brands within that particular vehicle class category.

What makes the awards different from other types of reviews and feedback is that the vehicle ratings are based on the feedback provided by consumers who have leased or purchased the vehicles.

The range of Chevrolet vehicles receiving the awards spanned a variety of different vehicle classes and included the following brands:

  • Spark – “Two Years in a Row: Highest Ranked City Car in Initial Quality.”
  • Malibu – “Most Dependable Midsize Car, Two Years in a Row.”
  • Camaro – “Most Dependable Midsize Sporty Car, Four Years in a Row.”
  • Equinox – “Most Dependable Compact SUV,” and tied for “Two Years in a Row: Highest Ranked Compact SUV in Initial Quality.”
  • Tahoe – “Highest Ranked Large SUV in Initial Quality.”
  • Silverado LD/HD – “Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality, Two Years in a Row,” “Highest Ranked Large Heavy Duty Pickup in Initial Quality,” and “Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup, Two Years in a Row.”

For those unfamiliar with the Chevrolet line of vehicles, the Spark is a compact design with a unique style and exceptional fuel efficiency. The Malibu is a mid-sized vehicle which has been around for numerous years and undergone several transformations.

The Camaro is Chevy’s muscle car design, which has also undergone numerous transformations over the years. The Equinox is a compact crossover SUV model that offers comfortable seating for up to five with plenty of cargo space.

The Tahoe is a full sized SUV which offers style and comfort. The Silverado is a full sized pickup truck that was first released in 1999 and has undergone several updates and design changes over the years.

One thing that has helped make Chevy vehicles the most awarded by J.D. Powers and Associates is Chevy’s ongoing commitment to listen to customers’ feedback, implement design enhancements, and work toward delivering the highest quality vehicles in a wide array of designs to fit everyone’s needs and budgets.

Spencer Chevy

Chevy is also known for its advances in green power and promoting safe teen driving through their “Teen Driver” safety system. To see and test drive the J.D. Power and Associates’ Chevrolet award brands, please feel free to stop by Valley Chevrolet today or contact us at 812-829-4843.