The Chevy Volt Goes Green

This past summer, deep in the rainy northwest of Oregon, a team of members with the Northwest Automotive Press Association gathered to put 14 of the world’s most eco-friendly, high-tech vehicles to the test. The 2017 Chevy Volt was a surprising winner on multiple points, mostly resulting from a multitude of exhaustive head-to-head comparisons.

While utilizing the power of electricity for more efficient and economic travel to the owner, each of Spencer Chevy’s Volt cars employ a gasoline generator engine. Such innovative dual gas engine and electric plug-in technology tackled the range anxieties of consumers everywhere head on. It made long-distance travel far less stressful for many drivers who were not used to leaving home on four wheels without gasoline assurance.

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With every 420 miles of total driving range, 53 of them electric, the Volt is an incredible combination of technology and science at its best. General Motors had ease of use and the true comfort of their drivers in mind, and it is evident throughout the design of this vehicle. The Volt’s unique ability to automatically switch from its typical electronic mode to gas once its charge is depleted makes it more convenient and practical for owners on the go than ever before.

Greener and Eco-Friendlier

GM’s second-generation Chevy Volt is more than just the smarter option for environmentally conscious drivers and efficient money savers. It’s also a comfortable and fun ride as well as a vehicle that’s easy on the eyes.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rated this latest edition of the Volt at 53 miles of electric range and 42 mpg when utilizing both conventional hybrid mode and gasoline mode. The roomy battery contains approximately 18.4 kW-hours of power, so you can expect it to keep up with you on all but the longest of drives.

For the low starting price of about $34,000, not including a small mandatory delivery fee, it’s an affordable vehicle that allows new car owners to save money while living greener than ever before.

2017 Chevy Volt

With a lower introductory price than the initial version of General Motors’ Volt hybrid, the 2017 model is set to come equipped with quite a few more features included in the standard equipped edition. The designers took one of their most requested features from owners of previous Volt versions into account during conception with the fifth “seating option” to enhance accessibility while on the road.

This makes traveling with additional passengers or large bags feasible—something not readily available in all vehicles. This latest iteration of the Volt allowed the makers to refine many of the hybrid vehicle’s most important aspects, making it an easier, more comfortable ride for the average consumer.

Buyers at Valley Chevy in Spencer will find more power than the former model, rated at 84 HP, with a new and more powerful 101 HP engine. The new Volt also no longer requires premium gasoline, either, making it even more economical to drive. Drivers seeking a budget friendly vehicle that is more than just the standard, out-of-package experience will likely fall in love with the Volt’s incredible benefits.

Last, but most certainly not least, is its high-quality interior. Molded with sharp styling and streamlined curves, it fits in perfectly among the vehicle’s smooth exterior curves for a powerful and futuristic appeal that never goes out of style.

Want to test drive the Chevy Volt for yourself? Head down to Valley Chevy in Spencer and take one out for a spin. You just might find yourself falling in love with the Volt, too.

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