Chevy Trucks Alone Outsold VW, Hyundai in 2016

To say trucks are the powerhouse of the Chevy brand is a bit of an understatement—Chevy’s truck segment is a sales juggernaut, selling more vehicles on their own than some major auto manufacturers’ entire product lines.

Chevy Trucks Alone Outsold

Consider this: In 2016, Chevy trucks alone sold more vehicles than all of Hyundai and Volkswagens cars and SUVs. Last year, Chevy dealers sold 1,359,929 trucks. Volkswagen sold 322,948 vehicles in the U.S. in 2016, and Hyundai sold 768,057 cars and SUVs.

Trucks have been a huge success story for Chevrolet and its parent company, General Motors. Since the first Chevy truck was built in Flint, MI a century ago, Chevy has sold more than 86 million of them. On average, Chevy has sold 1.5 trucks per minute over the past 100 years—an incredible sales record.

Trucks remain Chevy’s biggest seller, by far, accounting for 65 percent of the company’s sales in the U.S. in 2016 and 44 percent of GM’s total U.S. sales. Chevy’s cars and SUVs are no slouches, however. Chevy’s other vehicles sold more than 736,000 units in 2016—still more than Volkswagen’s total U.S. sales.

Chevrolet’s success does not appear to be slowing down. September of 2017 was Chevrolet’s best year since 2004; the brand enjoyed strong truck sales, and sales of its Equinox and Traverse SUVs were up 80 percent and 51 percent from figures recorded for September 2016.

 Why Chevy Trucks Are So Popular

Chevy trucks have rapidly gained popularity in the past few years and are within striking distance of outselling the Ford F-Series, long the best-selling truck line in the world. What’s changed? Chevrolet has relentlessly pursued excellence in manufacturing its Silverado and Colorado trucks.

Chevy Trucks

The Colorado has claimed the territory once occupied by the Ford Ranger in the compact truck segment. Well-built and attractive, the Colorado is an excellent vehicle for folks who need a reliable hauler, but for whom the power and capacity of larger trucks would be overkill. The Colorado has earned plaudits from the automotive press for offering powerful acceleration, a smooth ride, and a comfortable interior.

The Silverado offers drivers in need of something a little larger a reliable work truck that’s more comfortable and upscale than the F-Series. The Silverado offers performance and fuel economy on par with the F-Series, but it has a better-made interior and superior tech features and amenities.

Chevy’s commitment to producing quality trucks isn’t slowing down. Next year, the company is expected to incorporate an innovative new body design mixing aluminum and steel components to produce lighter vehicles. This will improve fuel economy and allow Chevy to introduce new features without drastically increasing the weight of the vehicle.  Chevy is also launching special centennial editions of some of its trucks for 2018 to commemorate its 100 years in the industry.

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