Chevy Leading Small Crossover Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the automotive industry, as small crossover SUVs are on the brink of outselling family-sedans, long the best-selling product of automakers. Chevrolet is leading that revolution, offering two of the best small crossovers on the market.

Best small crossovers

Small crossovers have been rapidly gaining in sales among a variety of brands. Last year, the top-selling Ford, after its industry-dominating F-150 pickup, was the Escape. For Chevy, the Equinox easily outsold the Malibu sedan for the fifth year in a row. Crossovers of all sizes sold about 5 million vehicles last year, while midsize sedan sales fell to around 3.2 million vehicles.

Crossovers are smaller SUVs built on car frames and offer a best-of-both-worlds solution to auto consumers. They have the added height and cargo convenience of an SUV and also offer fuel economy numbers closer to the efficiency provided by sedans. Crossovers also offer the smooth, truck-like ride provided by their larger SUV cousins.

Equinox & Trax

The Chevy Equinox and Trax provide consumers with well-made, fun-to-drive small crossovers, and the vehicles are well-positioned to make Chevrolet a leading contender in the small crossover market. Both the Equinox and the Trax are among the top five best-sellers in the compact and sub-compact crossover segments, respectively.

The Equinox has become a heavy hitter for Chevy, becoming the Detroit automaker’s top-selling non-truck vehicle. For 2018, Chevy has improved the Equinox’s fuel economy by reducing its weight by 400 lbs. while adding extra interior space. Chevy has also given the Equinox a power boost with new turbocharged engines and also offers a diesel engine option.

The Equinox will offer an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone syncing, 4G Wi-Fi, and a variety of electronic safety features, including collision alert, blind spot alert, lane keeping assistance, low-speed autonomous emergency braking, and more. The 2018 Chevy Equinox is expected to debut in Chevy dealer showrooms in March 2017. The Equinox starts at around $24,475.

Chevy first started selling the Trax in the U.S. in 2014 and has updated the vehicle for the 2018 model year. The small and sporty Trax has a new front fascia and a vastly improved interior. Chevy also added some great new electronic safety features and a seven-inch touchscreen. The 2017 model is currently on the market, and Chevy is currently working on a full redesign for 2018. Consumers can purchase a new 2017 Chevy Trax for around $21,000.

Small crossovers have become popular among young families and retired couples looking to downsize. Altogether, the Equinox and Trax account for 21 percent of new Chevy sales in 2016. They’re quite popular with women – female buyers accounted for 60 percent of Trax and Equinox buyers last year.

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