Chevy Camaro Turbo AutoX: Built for Autocross

The Chevy Camaro is one of the most famous and beloved cars in existence, and there’s a reason for that. In all its iterations, the Camaro has embodied the best in American automotive performance and design for more than 50 years.

With a model as old and storied as this one, you’d think that it would be hard for Chevy to find new things to do with it that would get drivers and industry watchers excited. Against the odds, however, Chevy has done just that, with the introduction of the Chevy Camaro Turbo AutoX, a model of Camaro designed specifically for autocross.

Camaro Turbo AutoX

What Is Autocross?

Since not everyone is familiar with autocross, let’s break down what exactly this sport entails. Autocross is a type of motorsport at which individual drivers navigate a defined course, steering between cones while trying to finish the course in the shortest period of time.

Unlike NASCAR auto racing and other car racing events, autocross isn’t just about speed. Instead, it’s also about displaying a car and driver combination’s ability to navigate a difficult set of obstacles with superior steering and handling abilities.

While speed certainly is important in autocross, it’s only a part of the total package. In that way, autocross drivers have to display a wider range of skills than many other auto sports practitioners, and the vehicles they drive must have a well-balanced mix of speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

Autocross courses are generally one or two kilometers long, and completing an autocross course requires a fair amount of skill, as drivers can’t simply rely on their car’s power output to carry them to the finish line.

Despite being slower than other types of racing, drivers are still expected to go as fast as possible, with vehicle speeds usually reaching average highway speeds. In the motorsports world, autocross is often seen as a beginning step for new drivers, and success in the sport can be a jumping off point for other types of sports driving, including circuit racing and rallycross.

Chevy Camaro Turbo AutoX

So, what does it mean that Chevy has created a Camaro specifically designed for autocross? In short, it means that the Chevy Camaro Turbo AutoX is the most balanced of the current crop of Camaros, with emphasis put on all aspects of driving and handling a vehicle. Taking the current 2.0-liter Camaro as a starting point, Chevy created a 275 horsepower, four-cylinder vehicle perfectly designed to meet all the needs of an autocross racer.

If you’re just looking for speed, the Camaro Turbo AutoX isn’t for you. For anyone who’s interested in vehicles that are all about the entire package, the Turbo AutoX is sure to be a source of excitement. While the Camaro Turbo AutoX is, as of this moment, just a display car that isn’t being made available for sale, the innovations put into it are being viewed as a signal of exciting things to come for the venerable Camaro brand.

Chevy Camaro Turbo AutoX

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