How Chevrolet’s Surround Vision Technology Could Save Lives

Safety technology has come a long way in the last few years. Not even 20 years ago, drivers had to rely on nothing more than their own eyeballs and a few mirrors to give them all the information they needed on the road to stay safe and avoid vehicles, pedestrians, and road debris.

As anyone who’s driven before can tell you, that’s not always enough. Even the best-designed vehicles have blind spots and even the most attentive driver can only see so much of what’s around them at the same time.

Cars and trucks are much safer, these days, thanks to advances in driver assist technology. If you drive a Chevy, things are about to get even safer, thanks to the company’s amazing new Surround Vision technology.

Making the Roads Safer for Drivers and Pedestrians

Chevy Surround Vision

Even taking into account the many advances in driving safety technology in the past decade, the roads can still be a dangerous place. According to an NHTSA briefing from 2014, more than 200 fatalities and 15,000 injuries are caused by drivers backing up into pedestrians every year.

Despite the common use of rearview cameras and other driver assist technologies, hundreds of people are still struck by slow-moving cars and trucks in parking lots, driveways, and residential neighborhoods.

Luckily for drivers and pedestrians alike, Chevrolet has come up with a solution to this problem. The company has announced that its 2018 Equinox will be equipped with Surround Vision, a revolutionary new piece of driving assistance technology.

Surround Vision is made up of four cameras that are positioned on all sides of the vehicle. The front Surround Vision camera is embedded in the car’s front grille, while the two side-view cameras are mounted on the side mirrors.

These cameras provide a 360-degree live feed of the space around a vehicle, and they track any obstacles close to the car. When the car begins to reverse, the vehicle’s infotainment system displays a panoramic view of everything around the vehicle, giving the driver a completely unobstructed look at any obstacles that might be in their way.1

After the driver shifts out of reverse, the view from the front camera is displayed next to an overhead view. When the car is shifted into forward gear, a front view display will appear whenever the Front Park Assist system detects an object is detected less than one foot away from the front of the vehicle.

Surround Vision Technology Could Save Lives

For drivers who don’t want to wait until 2018 to take advantage of this system, Chevy’s 2016 vehicles have part of this system already integrated into them. Drivers can manually activate the front view camera by selecting the camera icon on the center stack display home screen, giving them a better view of any obstacles in front of them.

No more blind spots, no more delayed reaction times to surprise obstacles. With Surround Vision, drivers and pedestrians will find the driveways and parking lots of their neighborhoods that much safer.

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