Chevrolet Cruze and Impala Make the Consumer Reports 2017 Annual Top Picks List

Every year, Consumer Reports releases its list of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs released that year. Being included on the list is a huge honor; Consumer Reports is known for both the thoroughness of their testing and their honesty in reporting, and being named one of their top vehicle picks is one of the most reliable seals of quality in the auto industry.

On that note, we’re proud to announce that two Chevrolet models were picked as the best in their category in Consumer Reports’ 2017 Best Cars of the Year report: the Chevy Cruze (for “compact car”) and the Chevy Impala (for “large sedan”). To learn more about why these Chevy vehicles, in particular, were singled out for accolades, be sure to read our Spencer Chevrolet dealership team’s take on this year’s best picks below.

Consumer Reports top cars 2017

How Does Consumer Reports Pick the Best Vehicles?

Consumer Reports recognizes ten different categories of vehicle—subcompact car, compact car, compact hybrid, compact pickup, luxury SUV, small SUV, mid-sized SUV, sports car, midsized sedan, and large sedan—and from each of those categories, it selects one Overall Pick that is the best in its class.

A car or truck being selected as the Overall Pick in its vehicle category means that, after being tested in multiple categories, it had the highest overall combined score. The categories every vehicle is tested for are:

  • Road test: Each car’s performance is rated based on more than 50 evaluations conducted at Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center, including instrumented track tests, comfort assessments, and comfort in daily use.
  • Reliability: Consumer Reports predicts how trouble-free the new cars will be, based on actual consumer problems reported in the magazine’s 2016 auto survey.
  • Owner satisfaction: Based on Consumer Reports’ subscriber survey data, how likely are vehicle owners to purchase the same vehicle again?
  • Safety: Multiple safety tests are conducted, including accident avoidance, occupant protection, and crash tests. Vehicles with safety features such as forward-collision warning and automatic braking get additional points for safety.

Consumer Reports top vehicles 2017

2017 Chevy Cruze and Impala

Given how all-encompassing Consumer Reports’ grading criteria is, it’s no small matter that the Impala and the Cruze were rated highest in their respective classes. In addition to beating out many well-established competitors in their categories (the Cruze was in direct competition with the incredibly popular Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla), both of these vehicles were singled out in the magazine’s report for their steering and handling, fuel economy, and featured amenities.

Obviously, we didn’t need any convincing that the Cruze and the Impala are great vehicles, nor would we have hesitated to recommend them to our customers even before they were named best in their class. Now that Consumer Reports’ ratings have come out, however, we have plenty of irrefutable evidence of the Cruze and Impala’s quality that can be displayed along with our own enthusiasm for Chevy cars and trucks.

You can test drive the 2017 Cruze and Impala today by calling Valley Chevy: 812-829-4843.