Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ultimate Surf Wagon

The Chevy Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept: The Ultimate Surf Wagon

The Chevy brand has been around for years, creating fans who appreciate the great designs at affordable prices that have made them a standard in American automobiles. The brand ranks in the top ten brands for the highest percentage of repeat buyers, meaning that a big chunk of the buyers that come to Valley Chevy

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Virtual Cars on a Bridge Dispersing Signals

GM to Pilot New Autonomous Chevy Bolt

The Chevy Bolt EV goes nationwide this year, giving consumers at Spencer Chevrolet dealerships and Chevy dealers throughout the U.S. the opportunity to purchase this groundbreaking all-electric vehicle, the only electric vehicle under $50,000 currently capable of a range of over 200 miles. While General Motors has scored a major achievement in creating the first

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Performance part upgrades

Chevy Unveils Performance Part Upgrades for Camaro, Cruze, Silverado

Performance is a key selling point for Chevy cars and trucks, and the company has a long history of offering parts and accessories Chevy owners can use to upgrade their vehicles. For 2017, Chevy has released performance additions for the Camaro, Cruze, and Silverado that provide performance boosts such as increased horsepower, better braking, and

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